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every 30 seconds someone, somewhere beings reading a harry potter book

anonymous asked: can you make a gifset of some of your favorite fitz quotes\moments?

hello hyperspace

Woman? Is that meant to insult me?

for anonymous


HARRY POTTER + last lines


Sherlock: Series 3 - Minimalist Posters

HP recast

Suraj Sharma as Harry Potter
Lasse Pedersen as Ron Weasley
Jordan Richardson as Hermione Granger


Misha and Osric have started the race, but our Director Cinde Monsam is already a mile or two ahead.

We hope you’ll follow Random Acts on Twitter (or stay tuned here) for updates on the trio’s progress. And if you’d like to contribute to Misha, Osric, and Cinde’s Crowdrise campaign, visit their campaign page.

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lok/atla meme + three elements (1/3):