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Oops hadn’t noticed that I lost another 15 followers this week, since I’ve been hiding my count from myself.

Was it the sdcc spam or did more people realize that I like comics? WELL, YOUR LOSS MWHAHAHA. THERE’S ONLY AN ELITE GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO CAN HANDLE MY BLOG WE DA BEST


victims of the 90’s

He’s a ghost.


random fluff scene

the boy who lived

The Force will be with you. l w a y s.

My editor won’t let any of the characters swear. Which is sometimes difficult because Ron is definitely a boy who would swear.



by algenpfleger on deviantart

I can not fly for I have glass wings

They are beautiful and breath taking 

But, I can not fly

When the movie releases, are you prepared to be a hero to thousands of kids? What will it mean to you? (x)